Friday, 25 November 2011

Okay, relaunch!

Well, almost a year on and i've finally found time to add content here. I've spent the last year adding almost 2000 games to my collection, remodelling my games room, and bringing up my son and daughter. My lad is now a firm games fan, and even though he's only 3 1/2 he can play a whole range of retro classics. He likes the Kinect and Wii interfaces, but he's at home with a controller tethered to a slab of retro tech with a two metre cable :)

So, this one caught my eye:

Job Lot Console Gaming Bundle

There are a few interesting aspects to this auction. Firstly, the seller seems to be someone with a shop, or at the very least an ebay shop. Despite this level of assumed professionalism, he's quoting the postage cost at £140!!! A ploy to only attract local buyers? I wouldn't want to box up this lot and phone UPS. Secondly, whilst there's a lot of stuff here- and much of it looks to be in clean condition- there's nothing desirable, rare, or different to what can be found at the local booter. Indeed, i'm certain that I could pick up a collection of this type for <£200 on any given Summer Sunday- indeed, my 2000+ game, 40+ console collection has mostly come from my local car booters, turning up late as we have young kids, but still getting bargains galore.

The seller listed with a reserve of £200, it's now up to £490 with nine hours to go. I bet he's amazed at the price. It would certainly be possible to bundle up £200 worth of retro every couple of weeks during the summer in my local markets. I wonder if I could make £300 every fortnight?

(Edited auction content list):

Sega Mega Drive Super Bundle With Everything You Need For This Vintage Console

Sega Mega Drive Super Bundle With Everything you need for this vintage console.

88 Boxed Games Including Manuals - 99% are in excellent condition!!

Winter Olympics
Evander Holyfield Boxing
Davis Cup Tennis
NHL 96 ICe Hockey
Wrestle War
Arial Mermaid
Mega Games 1 (Super Hang On, Columns, World Cup Italia 90
Tiny Toon Adventures
Robocop Vs Terminator
Arnold Tournament Golf
The Terminator
SidePocket Pool
Sampras Tennis
Sports Talk football
Revenge of Shinboi - rare Game
Global Gladiator
Real Monsters
Urban Strike
NBA All Star Challenge
Alien 3
LHX Attack Chopper
Tailspin - Rare Game
Judge Dread
Chuck Rock
World Cup Usa 94
Rugy World Cup 1995
Castle Of Illusion
Micro Machines - Turbo Tournament 96
Ryan Giggs Soccer
Ecco The Dolphin
Pitfall - - rare Game
Street Fighter 2 Championship edition
EA Hockey
Green Dog - Very Rare game
John Madden Footall
Mickey Mania - - rare Game
James Pond 2
Marko's Magiv Football - Rare Game
Incredible Hulk - Rare Game
Jungle Strike
Ultimate Soccer
Space harrier 2
Cosmic Space head - Rare Game
Sonic 2
World Of illusion
Mega Games 2 (Revenge of shinobi, streets of rage, golden axe)
Kawasaki Super Bikes
Terminator 2 The arcade Game
Sports talk football 93
The Ren And Stimpy Show
John madden american football
Fantasia - Genesis, very rare game
Desert Strike
Premier Manager
Sonic 3
World Class Leaderboard
Where in the world is carmen sandiego - - rare Game
Fifa 95
Street Racer
Streets Of Rage 2
The Lion King
Aquatic Games
Captain America The Avengers
Ballz 3d
Donald In Mauimallard - very rare game
Dawrin 4081
Quackshot starring Donal Duck
PGA Tour 96
Micro Machines - Turbo Tournament 2
Chuck Rock 2
Sonic Spinball
Toy Story
Streets of rage
General Chaos - Rare Game
Altered Beast
NHLPA ICE Hockey 93
John Madden Football 92
Jimmy White Snooker
EarthWorm Jim
Sonic The Hedghog x2
Alex Kid In The Enchanted Castle - very rare game
Mega Games 6 (World Cup Italia 90, Golden Axe, Streets of rage, revenge of shinobi, super hang on, columns

Sega Mega Drive special gamers joy stick – very rare.

6 Sega Mega Drive joy pads – 3 are standard and 3 are special edition turbo etc.

Mega Drive Led Converter with 2 joy pad ports – not sure how this works, but throwing in anyway.

Sega Master System Bundle Fully Boxed with Sonic Built In. Comes with Manual, leads and all in excellent condition.

Bart Simpson VS the space mutants

Super Smash Tv

Batman Returns



Pit Fighter

Taito Chase HQ


Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck

Marble Madness X 2

Sonic 2

Krusty Fun House

Joe Montanna Football

Ghost Busters

Secret Command

Taz Mania

Great Golf

Sonic Chaos

I am also thrown in some rare mega cd games I have found – all in excellent condition, cased etc…

Dragons Lair

Thunder Hawk


Sol Feace X2 (2 copies of this)

Sega Classics Arcade

Tomcat Alley

Road Avenger

Fifa Soccer

BaseBall Tonight

1 X Sega Saturn console with no leads and joypads.

The Sega Saturn Games are as follows, all boxed with instructions:

Nights In To Dreams – Excellent Condition

Virtua Fighter – Excellent Condition

Virtua Fighter 2 Excellent Condition

Marvel Super Heros – Excellent condition

Sega Rally – Bottom left of front cover has been ripped off.

1 X Nes Console with no leads.

1 X Nes Console with 2 joy pads, all leads, light saber gun and Mario 3 Cart.

1 x Super Nes Console + 2 Joy Pads and special edition gamers joy stick – very rare.

Super Nes Game boy converter with Bart Simpson escape from deadly and instructions.

1 x Nes Console fully boxed Action Set with everything in excellent condition. Included is Mario Duck Hunt Game.

1 x N64 Console with 2 joy pads all leads all fully working condition.

Cart Games are as follows:

Action Replay cart



Rainbow Six

Star Wars Racer



1 X N64 Console fully boxed with everything – Excellent condition

Fully boxed N64 Games are as follows:

Lylat Wars with Rumble Pack – rare Game

Turok Seeds of evil

Star Wars Rouge Squadron

Extreme G

All in all, as you can see – this is a superb condition gaming bundle of joy.

Bidding starts at only £200 with no reserve!!

I am also open to a sensible offer…

Postage will be £140 due to the weight of this huge bundle. Collection is also welcome.

This is bundle is now all boxed up and waiting ready to go separated in over 5 boxes…

Serious bidders only - no refunds - this is a bid to buy bundle. No messing about and no time wasters please.

Happy Bidding!

Note- the auction ended at £490.

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